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Riding Holidays in Pfitsch near Sterzing

Experience the calmness of horses

Seven horses and two donkeys live in our open stables: the horses are from Haflinger and Icelandic breeds, one is a Shagya. The natural keeping of these animals, lots of space and the “Natural Horsemanship” are fundamental concepts for us. That's why our horses are particularly docile, well balanced and don't get easily scared.

Pure Adventure

Enjoy unforgettable trail rides at the Bacherhof, rides you will be talking about for many years to come. Setting out from our farm, we will ride together across meadows and along forest paths to some of the most beautiful lookout points in our valley.
Your hosts, Rudolf and Greta, are certified trail guides and will show you the most beautiful locations in this place they are proud to call “home”.

Our horses

Haflinger Gabi



Haflinger Nana
Isländer Skjanni


Shagya Kirim
Haflinger Gitti



Islan horse Kjartney
Shagyamix Nensi



Quarab Jagger
Arravani nikias


Gentile & Mia

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Guided half-day trail ride
Guided half-day trail ride from the Bacherhof
Bacher Farm and Riding Stables
Trail rides at alpine elevations
Riding holidays in Pfitsch
Guided trail rides with host, Rudolf
Guided all-day trail rides including campfire
Your host, Rudolf
Riding holidays in Pfitsch near Sterzing
Guided trail rides
Guided trail rides with host, Rudolf
Guided half-day trail rides with children ages 10 and up
Guided all-day trail ride
Horses are also very happy out in the snow
Horses out on the pasture
Haflinger mare, Gabi
Haflinger mare, Daysi
Haflinger mare, Gitti
Haflinger mare, Nana
Kjartni, our Icelandic
Skjanni, our Icelandic
Shagya Arabian, Kirim
Our donkeys, Gentile & Mia